Clark CTX40/70 - Electric - Tow

Clark CTX40/70 – Electric – Tow

  • 100% AC System
  • Highly manoeuvrable, easily serviceable and broadly flexible
  • Large storage compartment offers up to 150kg extra capacity
  • Clark designed and built drive system increases strength and lowers noise


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Compact, flexible and high performance

Due to their great ergonomics, performance and safety, these extremely compact tow tractors of the CTX series are also suitable for heavy duty work such as goods distribution, production and warehousing. A workstation with excellent ergonomics and low entry for the driver are only two examples of the many benefits this series has to offer.


100% AC system for powerful performance.

  • Excellent tractive power and powerful performance due to heavy duty AC traction motors
  • The drive system gives low noise optimum control in all operations


Regenerative braking

Three types of regenerative braking:

  • When releasing the accelerator
  • When changing the travel direction
  • When activating the service brake


Steering system

  • Mechanical system with steering ratio not dependent on electrical support
  • Shorter downtimes due to easy maintenance and reliable components
  • Comfortable and safe driving


Driver’s compartment

  • Thick, step-resistant floor mat
  • Damping of vibrations and noise muffling
  • Car pedal layout
  • The direction change is made by convenient lever on the left of the steering wheel
  • Large leg space
  • Entering and exiting the vehicle is possible on both sides


Spacious storage compartment

  • A spacious storage compartment (770 mm x 420 mm) behind the driver’s compartment makes it possible to move additional loads of up to 150 kg
  • Additional storage compartments are located in the drivers compartment and on the right next to the parking brake


Fully programmable and easy to service

  • BUp to 20 performance parameters are programmable separately: Acceleration, crawl speed, regenerative braking, and many more settings can be adjusted to precisely match the CTX’s performance to application requirements
  • The wide opening hood allows easy access for routine maintenance and servicing
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