BYD ECB20/25 – Lithium – Counterbalance

BYD ECB20/25 – Lithium – Counterbalance

BYD lithium battery, fully charges from flat in only 90 minutes

  • Loading capacity: 2 or 2.5 ton
  • Mast: Triplex 4750mm lift height
  • Battery: BYD Lithium Iron Phosphate 80V technology : from 16 kwh to 32 kwh
  • Charging: side inlet (no battery compartment cover opening necessary)
  • Option: Full steel heated cabin
  • Integral sideshift
  • 4 way hydraulic valve
  • Dual AC drive motors

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BYD ECB20/25 Lithium Counterbalance

The future is here with this BYD lithium battery which fully charges from flat in only 90 minutes.

An ergonomically designed BYD Electric Forklift Truck to reduce driver fatigue and optimise productivity. Ultra-fast charging and one battery for life result in lower operating costs. Dual AC front drive motors and oil-immersed brakes, as well as a maintenance-free battery guarantee less maintenance costs.

  • User-friendly side-charging and comprehensive safety designs and features maximise driver’s satisfaction.
  • Multifunction armrest with finger-tip control
  • Full suspension seat
  • Dual full free lift cylinders mast (clear front view)


Automatic Speed Reduction when Cornering

The speed of the truck will be automatically reduced when cornering to enhance lateral stability and reduce the risk of tipping over.

Braking Assist System

Braking Assist System allows the truck to stand still  instead of rolling forward or backwards after releasing the brake on a slope.

Forward Tilting Protection

  • Automatically limits the front tilting angle
  • depending on the load handled and lift height
  • Reduces the risk of dropping of cargo and tip-over of the truck


Overload Protection

When load exceeds 10% of the rated load capacity, the lifting motor stops working for safety concern.

Multifunction TFT Screen

Displays travel speed, battery remaining capacity, clock, working hours and accumulated working hours; Three speed modes setting.


Battery charger combinations

The BYD Lithium Iron Phosphate battery can be fully recharged in just 2 hours, and be used immediately after without the cooling time required in common batteries.

Several chargers are available to customize the charging time to the customer needs.

The BYD battery and the BYD chargers are based on 80V lithium iron phosphate technology. The higher charging and discharging efficiency of the BYD battery provides the same KWH as a larger nominal capacity Lead acid battery.

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