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FLEXI (VNA) Very Narrow Aisle

The most popular articulated forklift truck in Europe
  • Flexi VNA can work in just 1.6-metre aisles (ISO pallet) or 1.8 metres (Euro Pallet)
  • Full 230° over-rotation, maximum aisle clearance and maneuverability
  • Lifts heights to over 8.0 metres (10.5 metres 15 SN)
  • Unique compact front axle – Maximum stacking aisle clearance
  • Digital brushless motor technology for faster travel and lift reduced power consumption
  • Independent 1.8KW power steering motor conserves battery energy, very low noise level and no kickback
  • Elastic rubber treaded tyres on all wheels, for use on all floor surfaces with long service life

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Flexi VNA works alongside inductive wire and steel rail-guided VNA warehouse trucks.

Flexi trucks operate in Very Narrow Aisles (VNA) and are world-renowned for their outstanding functionality in warehouses.


Unique 220° over-rotation and compact front-drive design
Flexi VNA can work in just 1.6M (ISO Pallet) or 1.8M (EURO Pallet) aisles to GN9 (FEM) safe clearance standards


1500Kg lift capacity and lift heights to 8 metres
Designed to bring Flexi articulated space-saving and handling efficiency to existing guided VNA warehouses


Operational performance
Ultra-narrow 1000mm wide chassis and 220° articulation feature combined with true four-wheel stability for fast, safe operation


Full digital control of drive, lift and steering motors
and four cushion rubber wheels for fast stable operation with ultra-low energy consumption and service cost



FLEXI (VNA) Very Narrow Aisle

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