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  • Capacity: 1600kg

  • Speed: 8 km/h

  • Electric servo steering

  • Proportional hydraulic system

  • Side safety guards

  • Available in Standard, Hilo or Triplex

Pedestrian Electric Stacker Truck

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Productivity and ergonomics for heavy-duty operation and lift heights up to 5800 mm

The PSX16 electric stacker truck from CLARK offers everything you need for a demanding industrial application. The stacker truck is equipped with electric servo steering, side battery removal and battery capacities of up to 500 Ah. In addition, the proportional hydraulic system ensures a gentle and quiet lifting or lowering of loads.

Proportional hydraulics system

  • Sensitive lifting and lowering
  • Safe handling of goods

Upright damping

  • Soft transition between upright rails with each lifting and lowering action

High residual capacity and easy handling

  • Up to 5800 mm lift height
  • Large residual capacities due to 4-wheel layout
  • Symmetrical steering due to centered tiller position

Foldable driver’s platform

  • Improved safety and ergonomics
  • Better panoramic view
  • Low tread height of the platform of only 160 mm makes entering and exiting easy
  • When the operator leaves the platform, the vehicle automatically changes into stand-by mode and can no longer be moved

Comfort and ergonomics


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