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CLARK CGC40-70 (Compact)

Load Capacity:

  • CGC40 –  4000 kg

  • CGC50 –  5000 kg

  • CGC55 –  5500 kg

  • CGC60 –  6000 kg

  • CGC70 –  7000 kg


Compact Counterbalance

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The cushion forklifts with capacities from 4 to 7 t are specially designed for space-critical applications with heavy loads, where they excel with their very small turning radius and high performance. These workhorses are powered by the proven PSI six-cylinder, 82 kW LPG engine (4.3 l). This is equipped with a controlled 3-way catalytic converter.

The compact powerhouse from CLARK

Whether you are transporting paper rolls, steel tubes, large drums or heavy steel coils – with the CLARK CGC series you can use attachments, such as roll clamps, safely and economically.

Proven PSI 4.3 l LPG engine

  • Economical consumption
  • Smooth 6-cylinder engine
  • Standard controlled 3-way catalytic converter
  • Engines comply with emission stage 5
  • Automatic emergency shutdown
  • To protect your investment, the temperature of the engines and transmission are monitored. The engine is switched off if necessary
  • Environmentally friendly
  • The environmentally friendly engines ensure high performance and smooth operation

Low centre of gravity

  • Due to the cushion tyres, the CGC-series forklifts have an extremely low centre of gravity.
  • This allows for extremely high residual capacities even at height. The cushion tyres used have excellent traction on smooth surfaces and hence reduce fuel consumption.


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