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CLARK C15-20s

Load Capacity:

  • C15  –  1500 kg

  • C18  –  1800 kg

  • C20s –  2000 kg


Gas or Diesel


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The models from CLARK’s C15-20s series are the ultimate result of a tradition-steeped history of CLARK as a developer and manufacturer of stable, reliable and durable forklifts. Due to their great ergonomics, performance and safety, these extremely compact vehicles are also suitable for heavy duty work such as goods distribution, production and warehousing.

Ergonomics and Comfort
The entire driver’s compartment rests on buffers; vibrations and shocks during operation are reduced and thus this leads to more comfortable driving.

The power behind the punch
Proven MMC¬PSI LPG engine (2.0 L, 38 kW)
Low-fuel high-performance industrial engine with PSI fuel system
Low-noise Yanmar diesel engine (2.2 L, 28.8 kW)
Ensures high performance and torques with low fuel consumption. Low maintenance costs. Powerful acceleration and extraordinarily comfortable, low-noise driving. Meets emissions class IIIA.

Robust upright and fork carriage structure
Hydraulic upright damping when lifting and lowering loads
Robust 6 ¬roller fork carriage
Maximum visibility due to nested rail profiles
Quiet lifting hydraulics
Adjustable canted load rollers
Optimum load distribution and low clearance

Optional Additions:
CLARK forklifts can be equipped with a comprehensive cab program
Additional equipment enables the operator to adjust the vehicle to various job conditions


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