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  • Load Capacity: 2 tonnes
  • Battery: Lithium Iron-Phosphate
  • Ultra-fast charging, with up to 18 hours run time
  • Plug-in Up-Side Charging Inlet
  • Zero emissions
  • No gassing, corrosion or venting
  • No toxic materials or heavy duty materials
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Lithium Pallet Truck

The ergonomically designed BYD pallet truck offers maximum

versatility due to its standard foldable platform and foldable side

support protection side bars. It can be used to speedily load and

unload trucks as well as in reduced space warehouse operations.

There is an efficient top up charge system, which allows you to

charge the battery at short periods of time – less than 15 minutes

of charge for every hour of operation. This efficiency results in

reduced operating costs and maximisation of productivity.

Along with all other BYD forklift trucks, the lithium-iron phosphate

technology can be partially charged and never needs to be

removed. Hence, increasing operator friendliness and safety, as

well as reducing operating fatigue.



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