Electric Forklifts

Make the smart move.

Sourcing only the best forklift machinery across the UK and worldwide, the Stacatruc team is here to fulfil your needs on price and specification. We’ve been in the business for over 40 years, building a depth of knowledge that’s hard to beat!

Individuals and business owners both come to us knowing that our range of electric forklifts is reliable and available on short notice. If your existing machinery breaks down, or you have a sudden need for forklifts to move assets and equipment, we’re right here to get you back on track in record time.

Hire, rent or buy.

Depending on your need, you might want one of our electric forklifts for a short time or for good! With this in mind, we have a simple range of options available to you.

Hire a forklift for up to one year for a total period to suit you, with weekly intervals of one week suiting catering or urgent seasonal requirements well.

You can also rent for up to seven years and enjoy the benefits of free maintenance and callout if your forklift fails in any way. We’ll also happily help you in advance with a survey of your site to be sure you’re renting the right equipment for the job at the best price.

Lastly, buy a forklift of your own! Our sales page has a great range of well-maintained electric forklifts available for you to browse through, from brand-new Pedestrian Stackers to refurbished Caterpillars.

Contact us today!

 We’re right here and waiting to help. Call at 0800 756 7588 or email at enquiries@stacatruc.co.uk.

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