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Forklift truck hire and rentals

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Hire from £49.00 per week.  

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Hire from £49.00 per week

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Hire from £49.00 per week.

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Short term and long term contract rental agreements available.

Hiring a forklift truck with us.

We offer a great variety of diesel, LPG and electric forklifts suitable for a wide range of lifting tasks. All of our forklifts are available for any period of time between one day to seven years, with rental starting from as little as £49.00 per week, depending on lifting capacity and specification of truck. Discount is offered for longer hire periods. 

Delivery is free of charge for any rental agreements over 12 months, with delivery being charged at cost for any terms shorter than this. Delivery is available across the whole of the UK.

All of our rental's are come with free full maintenance, and 24 hour call out service, so we're always on hand for you.

Our forklifts are available for immediate hire.

Why hire a fork lift truck?

Long term fork truck leasing is becoming an ever popular choice for small and large companies. It enables you to have constant access to a suitable forklift without the large upfront costs. If your needs change at any point its much easier to change your forklift to match those needs with forklift leasing. So if you're a growing company or demand is affected by seasonal peaks then a long-term forklift hire agreement could be for you.

Entering into a rental agreement also means that you don't have the responsibility of maintaining and managing the wear and tear of the forklift giving you that extra peace of mind.

We offer a range of short term and long term hire agreements so why not speak to one of our specialists today on 0800 756 7588, or click here to send us a message now.

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